Homes and buildings in Hilton Head & Bluffton, SC, and Savannah, GA that rely on a central air conditioning system or a forced-air heating system use a network of ducts in order to distribute cool or warm air throughout your home. In order for your ductwork to do its job properly, it should be in perfect working condition at all times. Poorly installed or improperly maintained ductwork can lead to serious problems including energy wastage, health hazards, and uneasiness in your own home.

Dusty, Dirty Ductwork is Bad for your Home

Dirty, dusty or faulty ductwork can cost you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars in wasted energy. The US Department of Energy estimates that home heating systems can lose as much as 20-30 percent of their heat because of leaks and insufficient insulation in the ductwork.

At Summit Services Heating and Air in Hilton Head & Bluffton, SC and Savannah, GA, we have skilled and experienced technicians who can assess your ductwork and perform the necessary tests and repairs in order to clean and restore it to its proper working condition. We can:

  • Inspect your ductwork and professionally test its efficiency
  • Recommend the best course of action for its rehabilitation
  • Repair and seal ductwork leaks
  • Install insulating elements to improve the ductwork’s energy efficiency
  • Perform duct flow balancing to even out warm and cool air circulation in all areas of the property

Please call us or send us a message through our contact page if you want to learn more about our legendary services throughout Hilton Head & Bluffton, SC, and Savannah, GA. Our friendly representatives and home improvement experts will be more than happy to help you get started on improving the condition of your property’s ductwork.