When a home has very humid air in it, a wealth of problems can and will arise. Apart from feeling warm and sticky, humid air can also bring about the growth of molds, which in turn can bring about numerous health and home ailments associated with mold growth.

Air sealing is a solution that not only helps prevent humidity from increasing inside your home during the hot months of the year, but it also helps lower energy costs because this allows your air conditioning to work normally. This is because it won’t need to work twice as hard to cool the inside of your home due to the presence of warm, humid air.

Humidity can be the result of moisture-associated activities that you and your family do at home. The moisture does not need to come from the outside. Hot air that leaks in from dry, hot weather can still create a very humid indoor environment because the hot air from the outside leaks into a home, creating a kind of heat that combines with activities associated with water. So, if your home has leaks that allow hot air to enter your air-conditioned environment, and people are taking showers, washing dishes, and other similar activities, you can expect a humid environment to be the result.

Some people use dehumidifying machines to remove excess moisture from the air inside their homes. While these machines may effectively remove any humidity from your home, these add to your energy consumption, thereby increasing your energy expenses. Instead of waiting for the humidity to occur and to remedy it with a machine, why not go the pro-active route and take care of the problem before it occurs?

Taking Care of Humidity By Controlling What Goes Into Your Home

Just like humidification, dehumidification requires that your home be sealed from outside forces that will allow such an atmosphere to develop. When your home is sealed properly with air sealing, you will find that apart from your air conditioning maintaining its cool air evenly, you also disallow the development of warm, moist air. This is because any hot air, that is outside your home, is kept outside because of the proper air sealing that your home has.

Apart from air sealing to prevent hot air from creating humidity inside the home, proper ventilation should also be included in your list of home must-haves. Proper ventilation will allow any humid air produced by human bodies inside your home to be carried outdoors, thereby creating the ideal cool environment along with a healthy level of air quality. For your home to have a healthy balance of moisture, cool air, and fresh air, you should always consult with a home climate expert like Summit Services Heating and Air.

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