A home energy evaluation, otherwise known as a home energy audit, is a thorough assessment of your home energy use with potential solutions you can take advantage of to make your home comfortable and energy efficient. Not only will this help us locate problematic areas, but it will also help save you money in the long run.

When a home energy evaluation is taking place, a professional technician will act as an auditor to evaluate your home energy use in great detail.

You can usually expect the following inspections during your assessment:

  • Assessment of the size of the residential home and its features
  • Room-by-room evaluation for the entire home, including the inspection of doors, windows, ductwork, insulation, and your HVAC system
  • Inspection of utility bills, including electricity and fuel bills
  • Determine airtightness in your home with blower door testing
  • Thermographic inspection of your home with an infrared camera to locate air leaks and abnormalities in the thermal quality

Preparing for a Home Energy Evaluation

In order to perform a proper home energy evaluation, it’s best to prepare ahead of time, so that you can help the auditor acquire important documents and information to map out the problems you’re facing in regards to the thermal comfort in your home.

  • Prepare copies or records of your utility bills
  • Make a list of relevant observations, such as, noticing that certain rooms get too hot or cold at certain times
  • Draft a list of relevant information including how many hours you spend at home, how many people live there, what activities use up energy and electricity, your usual thermostat setting for each season, any energy-efficient features your home currently has, and etc.

A home energy evaluation is comparable to a comprehensive evaluation of your home’s energy performance. It’s necessary, in order to determine how your energy expenses are related to your energy use. It will also help us figure out the best solutions for your home that will cut your expenses and save energy!

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