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Why Get a Home Energy Evaluation

Why Get a Home Energy Evaluation

Also called a home energy audit, a home energy evaluation is a test that is done to a house to check its energy efficiency. This is done to help see how much energy a home uses. If energy consumption is high, this audit will help determine where energy is being used and where the energy loss is happening.

There are many steps involved in a home energy audit, and these include a walkthrough, tests using various types of equipment, and the inspection of energy bills. All of these factors are assessed by a professional energy auditor and a conclusion is reached as to what solutions are needed to make your home more energy efficient. This evaluation can run for a few hours, depending on how big your home is.

What Happens During a Home Energy Audit

To make the evaluation of your home's energy more accurate, details about how many hours you and your family spend at home should be provided, as well as your energy bills. Observations and information you have regarding hot and cold spots in your home will also be helpful and can give you a more accurate assessment.

Solutions are then suggested to help reduce your energy consumption and to help make your home more energy efficient. Some of the resolutions that you might get from your auditor include:

  • Duct sealing to eliminate air leaks and holes that let warm or cold air escape
  • Replacing your windows and doors with more energy efficient options
  • Sealing the corners of your doors and windows to reduce and eliminate drafts
  • Replace old and inefficient cooling and heating systems
  • Install or add home insulation
  • Have your ductwork cleaned and filters replaced

Increase Your Home’s Energy Efficiency with Summit Services

If your home in Hilton Head, Beaufort & Bluffton, SC is using more energy than it should, you probably need to have a home energy audit. Summit Services is the company you can trust to assess and improve your home energy efficiency and we can offer a variety of solutions to increase your savings. We offer duct sealing, ductwork replacements, and attic insulation, all of which can help improve your home’s energy efficiency problems.

Don’t take too long to have your home audited for its energy use. Delaying finding out where improvements can be made will only result in continued energy waste and high energy bills. Contact us at 843-508-8478 so you can have your home assessed today and to get the energy efficiency solutions that your home needs.