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New Homes Need a Home Energy Assessment Too

It does not matter whether you are buying a home that has been around for decades or a brand new home that was recently built. Either way, you need to have a home energy assessment to ensure that you won’t waste energy and suffer from high energy bills. Renovated homes, newly constructed homes, and even homes that are part of a multi-unit structure should get a home energy evaluation before you start moving in.

Why You Need a Home Energy Audit

Also called a home energy audit, an energy assessment is crucial to help you save money on energy consumption. An energy audit will help you determine problem areas in your home. These problem spots are might be consuming a lot of energy and having an assessment will help you make updates before you move in.

Deciding to do an energy audit will help you save money in the long run since it will point out the areas in your home that need improvement. Even with new homes, you will find that some improvements and upgrades need to be made in order to make your home energy efficient. These changes can help save you up to $1000 in energy bills every year.

What Improvements Need to Be Made for Energy Efficiency

Whether you are moving into a newly constructed house or a renovated home, the improvements that need to be made for energy efficiency are usually the same all around. The areas that you need to focus on include:

  • Ceiling and wall insulation
  • Drafty doors and windows
  • Underfloor insulation
  • External features such as siding and even shading
  • Heating and cooling system efficiency
  • Water heating systems
  • Home design features like where windows are facing and materials used for walls
  • Sizes of the rooms that are to be heated and/or cooled

After an energy assessment, problems that may come with your new home will be determined and solutions will be recommended. If your windows or doors are drafty, suggestions for energy efficient replacements will be made. If your home has insufficient insulation, you may be advised to add more insulation or improve the insulation you already have.

Improvements, even to a new home, should be made before you move anything in. This is to ensure that the home you will be living in won’t become an energy-guzzling problem for you anytime soon. It will also help you live comfortably in your home without having to worry about massive energy bills every month.

Call On Summit Services to Get the Low-Down on Your Home

To find out if your home is energy efficient or not, you need to contact an expert who can do an energy audit for you. At Summit Services, we specialize in AC installationheating installation, and energy assessments for homeowners who want to improve the energy efficiency and the comfort of their home in Hilton Head, Beaufort & Bluffton, SC.

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