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How Long Does AC Installation Take?

Whether you are having a new AC installed for the first time or replacing an older one, one of the questions you are bound to ask your installer is, how long will installation take? The answer to this question is dependent on a number of factors. This is why an answer of “it depends” is customary when you ask your installer this question.

For starters, not all AC units are the same and not all homes where these AC systems are being installed are the same. The installation of an AC unit or system can take as little or as much time as the installer will need to properly fit this into your home. This is because of the three main factors that can affect the installation time.

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  • Size of your home – The size of your home has a huge bearing on installation time because of the fact that you will need to install ductwork or air-conditioning units to each area of your home. Therefore, it is but natural for air-conditioning installation for a 3,000 square foot home to take longer than one made for a 1,500 square foot residence.
  • Type of unit being installed – Are you having window type air-conditioners installed into each room of your home? Or are you having a centralized system installed? The kind of AC unit also has an effect on AC installation time, with centralized ducted units taking the longest to install for homes that have no ductwork. If your home does not have any ductwork and you want a quicker and easier choice for centralized AC, you can opt for a ductless system.
  • Type of installation being done – For those who already have an existing centralized AC system, this can mean two things – the replacement of an old AC with a new one while keeping the present ductwork, and the replacement of the entire system. The former can take very little time, but the latter will take longer since it will require more work with the removal of the old ductwork, wiring, and other components.

When you decide to have a new AC installed or your old one replaced in Hilton Head, Beaufort & Bluffton, SC, you need to take these factors into consideration so you will know how long installation will take. You also need to choose a trusted AC installation specialist like Summit Services to ensure that installation can be done safely and within the specified timeframe. Aside from installing air-conditioning systems, we also specialize in the installation of heating systems, duct cleaning, and energy assessments for home energy efficiency.

If you need our help for any of these, don’t hesitate to contact us at 843-508-8478 where our friendly operators are standing by to take your call and to find out how we can help you.