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Home Features that May be Costing You and Your Family

Home Features that May be Costing You and Your Family

Balancing personal comfort with energy consumption can be quite challenging, but it isn’t impossible. Homeowners have found many ways to increase their energy savings without compromising their indoor environment, from installing insulation to switching to energy-efficient appliances.

Nevertheless, even the most high-end HVAC systems can cause a spike in your energy usage. HVAC systems and major appliances also can be the reasons why your indoor air quality has become poor. For this reason, you should have your appliances, electrical equipment, and other home devices checked frequently.

Some common causes of wasted energy and poor indoor air quality include:

Heater and AC Units

The heater and air conditioning systems are two of the most used items in your home. Because of their heavy workload, they will have occasional breakdowns from wear-and-tear issues. That is why you must have them maintained regularly.

Inefficient HVAC units consume more energy and work harder than they should to produce the desired indoor temperature. This will increase your utility bills as well as the likelihood of emergency repairs.

The Ductwork

Your duct system is responsible for delivering hot or cool air throughout your home. If it gets dirty or isn’t well maintained, you’ll have a more difficult time creating a pleasant indoor climate. Common duct problems include:

  • Dirty air ducts
  • Air leaks
  • Loose connections in ductwork
  • Worn or inefficient ductwork

To avoid these issues, it’s in your best interest to have your duct system maintained on a regular basis.

Home Insulation

Installing insulation in your attic, basement, or walls is a great way to improve the energy-efficiency of your home as well as your indoor environment. However, studies show that most U.S. homes have inadequate insulation. This can come from a poor installation or a lower-than-recommended thermal resistance rating, or R-value, for your geographic area.

If the insulation isn’t adequate, your home environment will never reach its ideal temperature. Damp or damaged insulating materials can allow mold and waterborne pathogens to develop in the property. These issues must be rectified before the poor condition of your insulation affects your health and safety.

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