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Accidental Dehumidification

Accidental DehumidificationAccidental dehumidification is not a problem people tend to pay any attention to until it happens to them. Even then, if it only happens occasionally, it is usually brushed off and ignored by homeowners since it usually resolves itself. This issue only becomes a cause for worry when it starts to occur on a frequent basis and cause other problems, like wood rotting and structural problems, start to emerge.

What exactly is accidental dehumidification and should you watch out for such a problem? This problem emerges whenever the dew point of an object is creating condensation on a regular basis. If this happens once in a while, it is not that big a deal, but if it begins to happen more frequently, you will find yourself facing rotting walls, rotting window frames, and other similar problems.

Why Condensation and Accidental Dehumidification Happens

Windows that allow condensation are easier to handle than other forms of accidental dehumidification since these are easy to see and remedy. If this happens inside your walls, you will find yourself with problems that include mold growth, rotting walls, and structural damage. Since you won’t be able to see these problems forming because it is occurring inside your walls, the problem can worsen before you attempt to repair it.

The best solution to such a problem is to actually prevent it from happening. Some of the preventive measures you can use include:

  • Try to keep your air dry enough with the help of a dehumidifier – If your home is prone to excess water vapor, having a dehumidifier can help keep your home’s indoor air dry enough to avoid this problem altogether.
  • Try to make your interior walls airtight – Preventing the infiltration of vapor in your walls is something you can do to help stop accidental dehumidification in your walls from occurring.
  • Insulate your exterior walls – Having the right insulation for your exterior walls can also help prevent this from happening since it won’t create any condensation due to the fact that it retains heat because of the insulation.

What to Do When Accidental Dehumidification Occurs

If your home in Hilton Head, Beaufort & Bluffton, SC produces accidental dehumidification, or if you want to prevent this from ever happening, you need to contact a company that can help you do just that. At Summit Services, we offer a range of solutions that can help prevent and remedy such a problem. Aside from dehumidification services that help remove any excess moisture from your home, we can also help make your walls less prone to this issue with foam insulation.

Contact us at 843-508-8478 to find out what solutions will work best for your home when it comes to accidental dehumidification.